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Interview: GfK NOP Research Director Gary Roddy

Gary Roddy
GfK NOP Research Director Gary Roddy will speak at AOP’s Research Forum on 18 November. Ahead of the event, we got his view on the essential ROI metrics for advertisers, current innovation in online research and the importance of integrating online and offline data.

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What do you think the essential metrics for publishers are, to prove ROI?

In each case, metrics that define the effectiveness of ROI are a moveable feast and can’t be pre-defined and set in stone.

Advertisers will look to achieve different goals, and so the metrics for each are unique. Publishers need to thoroughly understand what an advertiser’s goals are and then adopt the following approach: Enter conversations with an open mind; ask the right questions; and then target research for individual advertisers – ensuring the level of metrics set is sensible, and not prone to methodological inaccuracies.

Where advance insight is crucial, is in helping publishers understand their properties well enough to be able to recommend an approach that clients can use, that is tailored to their goals and will work.

How important is integrating online and offline data and what are the challenges and opportunities of doing so?

Understanding which elements of the communication are working and how is, of course, the holy grail. In this landscape of multiple advertising vehicles, we need to understand what each brings to the mix.

Touchpoints has been great for bringing together different industry type currencies and has changed the way people use these data sources. However, the answer may not lie in trying to force together different types of online and offline data but in creating a new system.

This is an area research companies have been focussing on. GfK, for example, has developed a panel-based system that monitors household online and offline media exposure electronically. The panel can also scan in the FMCG products purchased and thereby close the loop between exposure and sales.

In Germany we have launched this year a tool that also measures the exposure to both on and offline media and how this relates to the non-FMCG markets.

In your opinion, how effectively is the data that currently exists being used by publishers, advertisers and agencies?

From observations, most people still focus on one or two media sources, measure the effects of each medium and focus on delivering to clients the results of these using statistical models - rather than providing a single source of data.

I believe some agencies are thinking more along this route but we have had the internet for a while now and perhaps we haven’t been as quick as we should have been to incorporate online elements into marketing plans.

How important is innovation into insight gathering and how do you think this will impact going forward?

Insight innovation is a vital element to sustaining business in a fast-moving industry and many companies are investing in developing robust, accurate tools that are fit-for-purpose. The problem, however is joining up the thinking.

We have leading tools used in other countries that have been proven to work. But, instead of coming together to achieve a global solution, we seem to work in silos to deliver something we think may be better than what is down the road.

Advertisers, agencies and publishers need to come up with integrated solutions that work every time to demonstrate effectiveness. And this can best be done together.

Tickets for this event are just £40+vat for AOP members – find out more and book your place online.

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