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25-34 yrs key web demographic

Generation X-ers are active ’lifestyle’ users of the internet, with 49% regularly communicating via social networking sites, and 53% managing their finances and 56% booking travel and holiday arrangements, according to research published by the European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA).

25-34 year olds spend 13.9 hours per week online (up from 13 in 2007), 36% are heavy daily users and almost two thirds are online daily, and it is this group's increasing usage which has driven digital growth in 2008.

Better information for consumers online, and faster connection speeds were identified as key motivators for increased internet use. Additionally, the uptake of wireless internet connections and the increase of web 2.0 applications and technologies play crucial roles.

In another piece of pan-European research, as reported in New Media Age, some 98% of marketers say investing online is crucial to business success through the economic downturn, with 87% of those surveyed predicting digital marketing will grow at the same rate in 2009 as it did in 2008.

David White, general manager of Efficient Frontier Europe, said, "We're continuing to see enormous growth from our UK, French and German offices. It's pleasing to see these survey results reflecting a positive story during this current economic environment."

EIAA - Press release, Executive summary