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Future growth in display, not search

Future growth in online advertising will be fuelled by display and targeted campaigns, according to Tim Brown, MD of Blue Lithium EU, speaking at AOP’s forum on ad networks.

UK ad networks are predicted to grow by 60 per cent in 2008, and Brown suggested that the future for online ads will be firmly "tracked to performance, but on a CPM basis."

“Data is the key thing that’s going to be driving everything forward” said Martin Shaw, representing the agency perspective as head of digital at OMD UK.

A sobering note was struck by Nick Bradley, director of digital advertising, IPC Media: the CPMs offered by the networks could be “shocking”, so in order to secure the best possible yield:

  • Work with more than one supplier.
  • Optimise your hierarchy of suppliers.
  • Secure underwritten CPMs.
  • Be flexible on the range of advertisers you’ll accept.

Working with only accredited networks is key, said Bradley.

Representing the “police of inventory”, IASH, Rupert Staines, VP Europe for Adviva (Specific Media), assured delegates that the networks, or “cattle feeders” of the ‘net, “will become more transparent over time”, and “have no interest in your premium sell.”

“The only way to drive up CPMs”, he summarised, is via behavioural means: “it’s all about targeting.”

Speaker presentations are available for members to download here.

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