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Future claims 150k digital edition sales per month

Future PublishingSince Newsstand launch, Future sells more than 430,000 digital magazines with around 40% of those sales subscriptions. Future has has announced independently verified figures for T3 of 14,223 average monthly sales from July to December 2011. This figure covers the HD digital edition only, which is exclusive to iPad users. Independent auditors Bright Grahame Murray verified the figures. ABC will release audited print and standard print-replica digital edition circulations later today, and combined with these figures, T3 says it will deliver its highest ever circulation.
  • Meanwhile Future has also announced digital edition sales in excess of 150,000 each month across its portfolio of brands (through both Zinio and iTunes).
  • Since the October launch of Newsstand Future has generated sales of over 430,000 digital magazines with more than 40% of all sales subscriptions. 
  • Future has also developed its own software to produce interactive digital magazine editions – Future Folio, as its tablet Editor-In-Chief Mike Goldsmith outlined at AOP’s iPad event in January.
T3 on iPad
T3 and Technology Group Publishing Director Nial Ferguson
says: “T3 has led the way in the tablet space and rightly so, given our demanding audience of early adopters. T3 is the biggest-selling iPad magazine, and recently became the first fully-interactive magazine to launch into the Android Marketplace.” “Our commitment is to provide our client and agency partners with a clear understanding of this new and exciting interactive magazine experience. And, once the ABC figures are published later today, it will become clear that overall, T3 has delivered its highest-ever circulation.” Since its launch in October 2010, the award-winning T3 interactive iPad edition has been the UK’s most successful lifestyle app, the highest-grossing app on Apple’s Newsstand and the ninth-highest grossing iPad app on the entire App Store last year. Future CEO Mark Wood says: “Apple’s Newsstand is simply a transformational platform for magazine publishers. An iTunes for magazines, it has created a truly borderless distribution model, reaching new audiences hungry for our content. With sales of tablets set to grow exponentially in the next few years, we are only at the beginning of what will be an amazing journey.”

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