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Fru Hazlitt on why content & context trump targeting

ITV Online MD Fru Hazlitt AOP Summit Keynote (clip)
Highlights from ITV Online and Commercial MD Fru Hazlitt’s keynote at this year’s AOP Summit, ‘A Vision of the Commercial Opportunities in a Connected World’: Key Points
  • “The greatest opportunity for the industry lies in using multiplatform video on demand to revolutionise advertising itself.”
  • “We still need to work on a common targeting approach for all publishers, advertisers and agencies.”
  • “Allied to this, we must not fall prey to the myth that user targeting trumps content, or context – how dare we as broadcasters and our commercial partners not try to think about what the user is doing when they are consuming our content and our commercial messages.”
  • “We must not fall prey to the fallacy that it is all about the who, and that the where and the how does not matter - as the most sophisticated advertisers and agencies recognise, you have to balance all three.
  • “Getting the right user is essential, but so is getting them in the right place at the right time when they can be actively engaged in advertisers’ messages.”
ITV Online MD Fru Hazlitt AOP Summit Keynote (extended highlights)
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