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Learning lessons from the music industry Roundtable | Thursday 12th June | 1pm - 4:30pm
The Century Club, London W1
Register here Publishers are at risk of making exactly the same mistakes the music industry made a decade ago. So how can we avoid going the same way as EMI and other famous music labels? What can publishers do to ensure their future success in an industry that is being turned on its head? This roundtable, supported by associate member Peer 1 Hosting, will guide you through a set of questions and answers aimed at finding a way to really succeed in an environment that is shifting more than ever before. Challenges to be explored will include: • Which players are most likely to steal consumers away from traditional publishers?
• How can established publishers better exploit the power of their brands to counter this?
• Realistically, how much longer will print be the dominant medium for magazines?
• What will an editorial team look like in 5 years’ time? The afternoon session will be led by Jonny Kaldor, formerly of EMI, News International and Newscorp, who now spends his time helping publishers such as Dennis, RBI, Haymarket, Hearst and Bauer to create ground-breaking apps using the Pugpig mobile publishing platform. You will leave with clear insights into the actions publishers need to take today to avoid falling into the same traps as our music industry colleagues. Attendance is free with lunch and post-event networking drinks included. Register to attend here