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Families more engaged online

Research from the The European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA) suggests a "massive opportunity" to engage with families online.

The group’s ‘Digital Families’ report suggests that:

  • Seventy-three per cent of people living with children are logging on to the internet each week
  • This compares with only half (52 per cent) of those without

Families are engaging in a wider range of digital activities, identified by the research according to the age of their children:

  • People living with very young children (between nought and four) are increasingly visiting health and film websites (+24 per cent since 2006)
  • Those living with children between five and nine are going to games sites (+32 per cent)
  • Price comparison sites are seeing a boost amongst those living with children between ten and fifteen (+31 per cent)
  • Those with older children (between 16 and 18) are enjoying more TV sites (+77 per cent)

The study suggests that a range of technology ownership is higher among families: “further indicating the influence of youth on technical skill and openness to adopt.”

Source: EIAA

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