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Evidon announces further European Expansion

Internet privacy expert Evidon has further strengthened its European presence with the appointment of Erwan Le Page as a Senior Advisor to lead operations in France. Le Page has significant experience in the online industry gained from working in the sector across the past 15 years. He was previously co-founder of Matiro, the media-trading specialist that advises brands on ad-exchange opportunities, and his work was key in pioneering real time bidding and the demand side platform in the French digital market. Prior to this, Le Page was an Associate Director at Havas Media where he directed its media strategy, working to support the integration of digital media into international advertising campaigns for global accounts that included Jean Paul Gaultier and Air France. In this new role, Le Page will further strengthen Evidon’s presence in France, helping to drive the growth of the business in Europe and focussing on delivering expertise to their broad range of EU clients. Evidon gives brands, publishers, networks and other businesses around the world unique insight into the digital ecosystem—including intelligence on the third-party technologies that underpin the commercial web —and the power to control its impact on their businesses. This technology reports on data collection across 26 million websites and informs the company’s business control solutions.