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Evidon Named as Approved OBA Icon Provider by EDAA

Evidon, a leading digital marketing intelligence company, has been named an approved technology provider of the “OBA Icon” by the European EvidonInteractive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA). This endorses Evidon InForm as a credible and recognised platform under the European Self-Regulatory Programme on Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) to serve the icon on behalf of companies delivering ads across Europe. When clicked, the OBA icon gives consumer’s transparency into, and control over how their information is collected and used by companies online, for interest-based advertising. As of June 2013, Evidon has more than 75 advertisers, ad networks, DSPs, agencies and publishers utilising its AdChoices notice solution, Evidon InForm, in over 40 local languages across all EU Member States.  “A key part of helping our clients reach their best audiences is ensuring that the campaigns they run through us are delivered responsibly, with respect for consumer choice,” stated Gurman Hundal, co-founder of MEDIA iQ. “Evidon InForm has enabled us to be the best possible partner to those clients, helping us to easily deploy industry-leading privacy controls and maintain our status as a global leader in performance trading innovation.” Today’s announcement firms up the provisional agreement in place between the EDAA and Evidon since mid-2012. Evidon’s AdChoices solution for OBA Self-Regulation is a key part of an “ecology of solutions” that the online advertising industry encourages within the complex European regulatory environment.