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Driving the online video market - Video

Senior figures from UK digital media, including Telegraph, ITV, Future, YouTube, PHD, Channel 4, FMG, Thomson Reuters, Nielsen & AOP give their views on the state of the online video market in the UK, and its potential for future growth.

Driving the Online Video Market
Video produced by FMG

A straw poll of delegates at AOP’s Driving the Online Video Market found that the industry is predicting a 90% growth in VoD revenues for 2010.

Video revenue will nearly double this year, predicts AOP – NMA – ‘Video continues to be an area of optimism for online publishers, with many seeing enormous growth and an opportunity to increase rates beyond standard display advertising.’

Quotes from #aopvod

“2008 we delivered 60m longform premium programmes via 4oD, which doubled to 120m in 2009 – this year the market will be between £30-40m mark for longform online video advertising. From starting still to £40m in two years is really quite impressive.”
Errol Baran, Head of New Media Advertising, Channel 4

“Distribution of content onto non-ITV platforms I’d say is the hottest topic at the boardroom table at the moment.”
Gary Knight, Brand Partnerships Director, ITV

“When we look forward to things like broadband TV, that will enable video on demand budgets to grow exponentially, and really start to challenge for a share of the £3bn TV market.”
Harriet Perry, Head of Online Display, PHD

“The consumers are driving the market for us. We’ve got very niche industries, where people are passionate about their content… they’re demanding it, and obviously the expectation changes day by day.”
Grant Bremner, Programme Manager, Video, Future Publishing

“At the moment, because it’s primarily traded from television budgets, the real potential will be when online video can get into the sales promotion, the direct marketing and the product sampling arena… when it can be a brand activator, as well as a brand builder.”
Gary Knight, Brand Partnerships Director, ITV

“From an advertiser’s point of view, and from a creator’s point of view, I think this is going to be a good place to be over the next couple of years.”
Bruce Daisley, Sales Leader, YouTube UK

The stats shown in the video are taken from presentations at AOP's Driving the Online Video Market Event - available for members to download.

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