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RBI says data can lead publishers to the heart of clients’ businesses

“Data is the beginning of a dialogue that can lead us to the heart of clients’ businesses” said Zina Manda, Director of Mardev-DM2, Reed Business Information’s data division, at AOP’s Driving Revenue through Data Forum on 8 September.

Mardev, acquired by RBI 15 years ago, has evolved from DM and email marketing to become a full service marketing services supplier.

This means not just selecting the best form of promotion for clients, from RBI’s command centre of marketing options, It also works on behalf of clients to improve their own data – to help them to segment, profile, model and target their audience.

Six ingredients in Mardev’s secret recipe for monetising data

  • For lead generation, sales and marketing teams agree at the start of each campaign what a good lead looks like
  • Creating a library of engagement content – looking to pull people in, track, score and nurture, ‘as they ripen’ down the sales funnel, before passing them over to the client
  • Keeping leads warm (or acting as a 'feeder') is a function that clients also value a great deal
  • Data automation is paramount - a partner assists with this process
  • Data renewal is also crucial – Mardev’s database is completely rebuilt three times per year
  • Sharing data and collaboration with other publishers in this area is also an absolute necessity

Data Integration and automation

Abacus e-Media Director Ian Eckert described the current market for expertly-generated content as a mixture of chaos and opportunities. The data is there to be monetised, he said, “but we struggle to fulfil its potential” – and data integration will be key to changing that.

App stores which offer no integration of their own data with other systems are an immediate and clear stumbling block.

Dr Jaan Nellis, Associate Partner at CACI, added that digital is a rich source of data on the mind of the consumer, while offline data is useful for lifestyle and purchasing insight - join the two, and you have the best of both worlds.

Cookies alone, he warned, may be insufficient to build up a significant pattern of data. He went so far as to suggest all publishers should consider creating a user login on their sites to at least test data capture, even if it’s only switched on periodically.

The way that cookies crumble, long-term

Nellis also said that for long-term insight, cookies simply don’t work, since they are so often deleted - in his view, user ID/sign-ins are the only way forward.

Added to this, identifying yourself via login is a more honest method than tracking cookies, he claimed – you give your details every time you buy a product online, so why should consuming content be any different?

“We need a company like Apple to make the cookie cool.”comScore Director of Marketing Solutions Mike Shaw

As RBI’s Zina Manda helpfully summed up, respect for user data and handling it carefully are vital - “moving away from simply pushing stuff at people” and focussing purely on the sell, successfully gaining and monetising quality data is all about pulling users in with genuinely valuable content.

Driving Revenue through Data was chaired by Incisive Media’s Digital MD, John Barnes. Members can download presentations from all of the speakers.

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