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Driving Revenue through Data Presentations released

Presentations from this week's Driving Revenue through Data event, from Abacus e-Media, CACI, comScore, Incisive Media and RBI are now available for members to download.

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CRM in the online publishing world

Dr Jaan Nellis, Associate Partner, CACI

  • How to apply 'traditional' CRM data mining activities to the online media world
  • Characteristics of online data and the opportunities and problems these present
  • Behavioural Segmentations - Understanding your site's major usage groups
  • Predictive Modelling - Using site behaviour to build churn models
  • Bridging the Gap - Applying anonymous behavioural data to identify future subscribers
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Using data to drive successful product development

Ian Eckert, Director, Abacus e-Media

  • Why successful product development should start and end with data
  • Making sure every transaction counts - Effectively capturing usable data on audience interactions.
  • Nice to know vs critical information - Sifting a mass data to find 'actionable intelligence'
  • How a joined-up, comprehensive data strategy is essential to profitable business models
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Building a new revenue generation model

Zina Manda, Director, Mardev-DM2, RBI

Deriving advertising value through consumer data analysis

Mike Shaw, Director, Marketing Solutions, comScore

Driving Revenue through Data was chaired by John Barnes, ND Digital, Incisive Media