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Dominic Young briefs AOP on ACAP

The Automated Content Access Protocol (ACAP) aims to enable a “more sophisticated debate” with search engines, moving towards an environment where “the idea of permission is enforced”.

Addressing the AOP board, Dominic Young, director of editorial services for News International, spoke of a “wild frontier” of over 300 spiders indexing content – the behaviour of many unknown to us. Speaking of the major search engines, however, he said: “the problem is not what they do, but influencing them”.

ACAP is “a unique example of a positive, proactive” approach to copyright with strong EC and UK government support, and with publishers’ take-up, will become a “universal standard”.

In a show of support for the project, AOP has ACAP-enabled its own site.

Currently, implementation of ACAP will have no impact on the working of your website or on crawler behaviour. However, it will put out a strong message that you care about how your content is used and that anyone who cares to know your basic wishes, can already find out what they are.

Instructions on enabling ACAP on your site.

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