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Dentsu Digital Fund Invests in Online Ad Technology Business Maxifier

AOP Associate member Maxifier to collaborate with Dentsu Group for Digital Business Opportunities MaxifierLondon, 28th August, 2012: Dentsu Digital Holdings, Inc. (DDH), which actively invests in emerging digital companies through its Dentsu Digital Investment Business Limited Partnership (also known as the Dentsu Digital Fund), has today announced it has made a strategic investment in Maxifier, the global leader in inventory revenue management.
Maxifier’s ADMAX technology, which has been successfully adopted by major media companies in Europe and the US including Forbes, The Guardian and IPC, offers a unique optimisation solution to increase advertising effectiveness by improving campaign and inventory performance to drive higher yields and deliver optimum revenues and margins. In May this year, Maxifier launched fully-fledged business operations in the Japanese and Asian markets with the opening of its Tokyo office, which was a contributory factor in this investment. When making its decision to invest in the company, DDH recognised that Maxifier's solutions and expertise would lead to growth in both the Japanese and global markets, contributing greatly to the development of online advertising, especially in connection with premium advertising. Mutsumi Imaizumi, COO at DDH, stated: “For DDH, this represents both a monetary investment and a business investment. As well as providing capital investment, we will also be working in partnership with Maxifier to develop opportunities to drive the adoption of solutions that help grow the online advertising market.” The investment will see the Dentsu Group collaborate with Maxifier, particularly through its technology-driven digital communication subsidiary Cyber Communications, Inc. (cci), examining joint business development plans that encompass the entire Asian market. Jonathon Shaevitz, CEO at Maxifier (seen here speaking to AOP about Volume before Value), commented: “DDH is committed to investing in businesses that really contribute to the robust development of the entire advertising market. This decision is recognition of the important role Maxifier can play in the growth of online advertising, helping it become more efficient and effective for both publishers and marketers. It also highlights the increasing importance of optimisation in the online advertising environment. We are thrilled to work with one of the leading innovators in global advertising and are excited at the prospect of collaborating in Japan and throughout the rest of Asia.” About Maxifier Maxifier is a leading online ad technology provider, working with premium publishers and ad networks to empower them to unlock and maximise the value of their total inventory. Using Maxifier’s ADMAX solution, companies can increase advertising effectiveness by improving campaign and inventory performance to drive higher yields and deliver optimum revenues and margins. Maxifier’s solution encompasses advanced ad optimisation and inventory management, coupled with a business intelligence engine, all delivered on a single interface. From measuring and optimising campaign performances, forecasting and managing global inventories, developing new advertising packages and increasing sales and profitability, Maxifier benefits all areas of the business, including ad operations, sales teams and senior management. With offices in the US, UK and Russia, as well as a new office in Japan, to date it has managed more than 70 billion impressions for leading publishers and media companies including Forbes, The Guardian, IPC and Bauer Media, empowering them to deliver maximum value and ROI for their clients.