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Deloitte Mobile Consumer survey 2013 - The mobile battlefield

With tablet usage resembling that of laptops and smartphone users predominantly using SMS (94%) and voice calls (87%) to communicate, the killer app is definitely still there to be discovered. Deloitte's third Global Mobile Consumer Survey results, provide a unique insight into the mobile consumer behaviour of 37,600 respondents across 20 countries.

In the UK, we can draw some fascinating and unique insights based on responses from 4,000 UK consumers. It provides an enlightening perspective on the UK mobile market and identifies clear implications for digital publishers, telecom operators and device manufacturers.

The survey findings look at the dynamics between operators, how UK consumers use their mobile devices, which devices they own, which apps and content they are accessing and how they connect to the Internet. Visit our website to read more about the key trends with our interactive charts and insightful commentary. View Deloitte's microsite to find out more here.

UK mobile insights for content creators

New type of window shopping

Consuming media and content is now popular on mobile devices, the next step is tempting consumers to spend.  When analysing retail activities, almost 50% of tablet and 39% of smartphone users browse but only 30% and 14% respectively bought online. This story is echoed in the world of apps with the average expenditure on apps declining year on year.  However, the device coping the best is the large tablet with an average spend per app of £0.58/app, higher than any other device.

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Despite the hostile reactions adverts receive from UK consumers, the light at the end of the tunnel for advertisers seems to have arrived in the form of hyperlinks, vouchers and searches related to the advert which are the most frequent positive outcomes (circa 4% across devices).

Killer app still dormant/ hibernating

Even with the arrival of 4G this year, UK consumers are still unsure what the killer app is. Those that already subscribe to 4G more often use video (49%), email (45%) and social networking (40%) post subscription.  Those predicting the impact of faster connectivity selected the same three activities (30%, 39% and 27% respectively) but also suggested they anticipate that they would use navigation more frequently (29%).