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"Innovation gets you noticed, but can make you both saint & sinner"

David Fletcher
David Fletcher, Head of MEC MediaLab, Mediaedge:cia will feature at AOP’s Research Forum - increasing audience value and proving effectiveness, on 18 November.

Ahead of the event, we quizzed him on ROI and metrics, publishers' insight offerings, effective use of data and other key areas of research.

Tickets for this event are just £40+vat for AOP members – find out more and book your place online.

What do you think are the essential metrics that prove the effectiveness of ROI?

All metrics should have a clear "line of sight" to the ultimate objective. This is a challenge especially for digital brand activity but we also allow a naivity to persist in response campaigns.

How effectively are publishers providing insight that shows the value of their audiences and sites and how can this be improved?

It's not enough to provide insight - the challenge is to get it to the right person at the right time (what we usually call contextual targeting!) - and agencies aren't helpful in this.

How important is integrating online and offline data and what are the challenges and opportunities of doing so?

This is the huge prize and also the most elusive.

In your opinion, how effectively is the data that currently exists being used by publishers, advertisers and agencies?

There is an oversupply of data and an underappreciation of insight. One of the most interesting things in Tesco Clubcard - perhaps the best example of consumer data in action - is how much of it gets thrown away. Too many people in digital media want to present data down to the last cookie and rather than adding value we often lose clarity in the process.

How important is innovation into insight gathering and how do you think this will impact going forward?

Innovation gets you noticed but can make you both saint and sinner.

How do you think future research into online audiences will be conducted and what results should we expect to see?

The future lies in merged data sets that relate online behaviour (transactionally and in both receipt of messages and search behaviour) to offline (messages and behaviour)

This event takes place on the afternoon of Wednesday 18th November, at IPC Media – find out more and book your place online.

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