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Portrait of David Carr, the 'Keith Richards of the Fourth Estate'

David CarrDavid Carr photo by sergiocapitano
David Carr writes the Media Equation column for the Monday Business section of the New York Times which covers media issues including print, digital, film, radio and television. He also works as a general assignment reporter in the Culture section of The Times covering all aspects of popular culture. Carr is the narrator and ‘soul’ of Page One: Inside the New York Times, a documentary which follows all the drama of a year that saw the emergence of Wikileaks and the iPad, to a background of internal cutbacks and journalistic scandals. AOP’s screening of the film is next week, on 23 November at ITV Studios. The Telegraph describes Carr as the “Keith Richards of the Fourth Estate” – Carr came through a battle with drug addiction in his early 30s (and wrote a book about the experience). Time Out adds that in the film, it’s his “old-school reporting that offers the best example for why traditional news-gathering won’t ever truly die”. You can book your place for the screening (which includes drinks afterwards in the ITV Studios’ bar) here – tickets are free for publisher members. In his own words On his colleague, social media guru Brian Stelter: “I still can’t get over the feeling that he was a robot, assembled to destroy me.” On cutbacks: “The New York Times has dozens of bureaus all over the world and we’re going to toss that out, kick back and see what Facebook turns up with – I don’t think so.” On the film: “I thought it was going to be a movie about this really boring job I have where I sit in a cube and type. And it turned into this great big giant movie with drama about the future of media, and about what the role of the New York Times will be going forward.”

Book your place at the screening here.

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