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Data Privacy – Consumer Perspectives and What it Means for Publishers

At a time when international data protection regulators are scrutinising the collection of data via apps [] and Europe’s highest court ruled that Google must remove links to certain web pages in a landmark case concerning the “right to be forgotten”, AOP and its members recently met to consider consumers’ views of the collection and use of data, forthcoming changes to EU data protection laws and what this means for publishers, their communities and their brands.  AOP convened a roundtable for members to discuss data privacy and key themes of transparency, trust, consent and the ‘value exchange’ associated with consumers providing personal data in return for free to access digital services. FTI Consulting presented highlights of its recent UK survey that indicates that a large percentage of UK consumers are concerned about the amount and type of information about individuals that can be collected and used Lewis Silkin outlined some of the key changes that are likely to be introduced by the proposed new EU Data Protection Regulation. Despite PR from the EU Commission that the proposed data protection reform is good for business [], it is very much consumer focused and is likely to have quite a profound effect on the way publishers and other businesses collect and use data. EU proposals signal a move away from a “personal data” regime to one of “regulated data” where a much broader class of data (from which it will not necessarily be possible, or could be extremely difficult, to identify an actual individual) will be subject to regulation than is currently the case.   AOP members can download a note of the roundtable here