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Data journalism - the Guardian approach

“A part of journalism of rapidly growing importance and seriousness.”Ian Hargreaves - Professor of Digital Economy at Cardiff University
Guardian Public Spending AtlasSpeaking at a Nesta event, the Guardian’s Lead Interactive Technologist Alastair Dant said there are three main trends driving the growth of data journalism:
  • Big data – with unprecedented access to raw information – plus access to find stories in that data
  • Wide-scale connectivity – an ever-growing network of machines, information and people
  • Interactive interfaces – interactive content is providing more ways to search, browse and manipulate the world – becoming two way interfaces where people find their own path or narrative – a format the Guardian has been doing lots of experiments with
He explained how the Guardian calls data journalism an ‘interactive island’, at the intersection of technology, data and design/narrative. Photos, timelines, maps and charts or graphics are all given a new lease of life online with added interactivity. While effective graphics in print seek to provide the most information using the least ink, online the focus is completely different: working on many levels, with a larger amount of information and more categories, online graphs at the Guardian are looking more and more like games or tools. Some examples of The Guardian’s use of data and interactive visualisations Timelines AOP is running a data journalism forum in May - register your interest.

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