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3 emerging forms of data journalism

Nesta has predicted that data journalism is set to move into the mainstream this year, and its 'rise of data journalism' event on Wednesday kicked off with Antoine Laurent of the Global Editors Network outlining the main forms this new type of reporting is taking: 1. Data-driven investigation
Data Journalismdata journalism at la Nacion in Costa Rica image by briscreative
Data-driven investigation is defined as 'pure investigation' steering clear of visualisation. The example here is of Costa Rican newspaper la Nacion's mashup of political data and maps. 2. Data visualisation See Where Does My Money Go? or Die Zeit's award-winning tell-all-telephone, visualising the amount of data mobile phone networks hold on their customers. 3. Data driven apps and services Laurent cited here the New York Times' service telling readers whether to buy or rent properties, and also ProPublica's work around schools.

The event also covered a range of case studies from the BBC and the Guardian - more details soon.

With our Forum event on 16 May covering Data Journalism, we ask anyone with interesting case studies in this field to please get in touch. You can also register your interest in our data journalism event on 16 May here.

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