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Convergence Think Tank first meeting

Andy Burnham, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport launched the Convergence Think Tank this morning, announcing that the Government wants to encourage a converged content market which has low access barriers and gives universal coverage to all consumers.

Burnham stopped short of announcing a full-scale review of the Communications Act, but made it clear that the Government would be guided by the results of the Think Tank’s work on whether it needed to review the law.

The Think Tank will release an interim report in the middle of 2008. In the run-up to that, a series of seminars will take place to look at different aspects of convergence.

The next seminar will focus on content and business models for the future - it will also look at how these business models could be affected by regulation.

It will be a chance for publishers to ensure that business plans to monetise their content are supported rather than hampered by future regulation.

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