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AOP Content Partnership Study Fieldwork Nearing Conclusion

The Association of Online Publishers today revealed that it is nearing conclusion on its industry-level study into the value of editorially linked AOPRcommercial initiatives in cross-channel campaigns - an area agencies have requested more data and one that is growing in spend as well as being a USP for original content creating publishers. Full results are expected to be published at the AOP Research Forum in September.  A total of 5 partnership campaigns will make up the case studies with media brands Guardian, Telegraph, IPC and Haymarket all participating. They will be joined by FMCG, Tech and Entertainment brands to ensure robustness and diversity across different sectors of advertising and media. The project will look at the contribution and impact of online content partnerships. The AOP will be working with the Award-winning research agency Cog to use "implicit response testing" to measure the strength of impact in addition to the type of impact content partnership activity has on those exposed. Each advertiser will be mapped on a series of brand values vs their closest competitors for single-exposed, multiple exposures and a control group of demographically matched but not exposed respondents. The test compares the impact on brand values and consideration of the client's brand for those with no exposure with those with single and multiple exposure to elements of a content partnership (focusing on online but also measuring exposure to any offline elements). For further updates on the progression of this research please sign up to the AOP newsletter here.