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Consumers twice as likely to trust mobile advertising

AOP has revealed the results of a study into the effectiveness of advertising on premium mobile content sites. Media agency Mindshare ran rich media advertising campaigns across June and July for Ford, Toni & Guy, and first direct. The campaigns achieved high engagement and interaction rates with up to 10% of those clicking on the ad then watching a video and 5% clicking through to the brand URLs, in total spending an average of almost 20 seconds in the unit. AOP Members can download the full presentation here In a separate piece of brand effectiveness research Mobile consumers exposed to the advertisements in premium mobile content environments compared to network environments were twice as likely to trust the ads served, and 50% more likely to see rich media ads as engaging compared to static ads. The brand research showed consumer response was significantly higher comparing exposure on premium content sites to network sites with recommendation for the brand up 50%, message recall up 30%, and purchase consideration up 30%. 24% of UK’s Entire Mobile Internet Audience In the largest study of its kind into mobile effectiveness, 18 premium publishers supplied inventory across 100 media brands, accounting for an overall reach of around 24% of the UK’s entire mobile Internet audience. AOP participant members in the study included CBS, Conde Nast, Future, Guardian, Global Radio, Independent & Evening Standard, Metro, The Sun, Telegraph, Trinity Mirror, Johnston Press, IPC, Trader, Hearst, Incisive, Sift and RTE, whom between them served a total of 20m ad impressions. Key Findings The performance data supplied by the test study was supported by a brand-led case study, providing a wealth of findings across engagement, interaction, recall and sentiment metrics. Key findings include: • Users spent up to 20 seconds engaging with content in rich media ad units. • 39% said that they trusted the advertisers and brands that were served on premium content websites, compared with just 25% on any network/blinds sites. • 32% said the advertising on the site was relevant to them, as opposed to 16% Network sites. • Premium sites recorded a 30% higher rate of recall than Network sites. • Consumers are 50% more positive about advertisers on premium sites. • Branded sites were much more likely to generate action across all ad-campaigns tracked, with purchase consideration up 30%.   Industry Support Key figures from the Association of Online Publishers will now take the findings of the study on an Agency Roadshow, highlighting the effectiveness mobile advertising on premium publisher websites. “The AOP rich media initiative allowed us, in partnership with Celtra, to demonstrate the true value of mobile rich media, beyond impressions and clicks”   
--James Chandler, Head of Mobile, Mindshare UK “This study re-iterates previous AOP research findings that the high degree of trust in premium content environments translates into greater advertising responsiveness and actions taken, proving that on mobile, like desktop, consumers respond better to creative brand advertising in the context of quality content”   
--Tim Cain, Head of Research & Insight, Association of Online Publishers "We have been delighted to be part of the AOP study and the results confirm that the combination of creative advertising formats in premium content environments deliver significant results for brand campaigns on mobile, whilst helping agencies make the optimal media choices regarding effectiveness".   
--Mark Challinor, Director of Mobile Platforms, Telegraph Media Group "This AOP initiative will help brands and their agencies make more informed decisions and reach millions of customers on mobile.  It is fantastic to see over 18 publishers working together to address issues and prove the effectiveness of mobile for advertisers."
--Steve Ricketts, Managing Director, ATAO Methodology Brand advertising was served by Mindshare for Ford, Toni & Guy, and first direct across inventory supplied by 18 AOP publisher members across 100 media brands. 320x50 rich media expandable ads were served across the mobile web and app on iOS and Android, by Celtra for publishers.