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Consumer demand for podcasts to rise, says new research

A quarter of all adult internet users will listen to a podcast in the next six months, according to a new study by market research agency BMRB.

The study found that 17 per cent of adult internet users have listened to a podcast in the past six months (rising to 28 per cent among 16-24 year olds), and some 24 per cent are likely to download a podcast in the next 6 months.

“The findings suggest that up to 7.9m adults could be downloading podcasts in the next six months, which represents a massive opportunity for advertisers and media owners alike,” said BMRB marketing director Steve Cooke.

A recent poll conducted by AOP found that half of UK publishers expect to launch a podcast in the next six months, while a number of AOP member organisations have already taken the plunge, with podcasts from Guardian Unlimited; New Scientist and the BBC among those reaching the top of the download charts.

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