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Condé Nast Digital launches standalone dating site

Condé Nast Digital UK has launched a standalone paid-for dating service –, which will be promoted across the Condé Nast brand portfolio.

The site is powered by the Dating Lab, whose partners include The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, Global Radio and Time Out. is launching with an introductory free trial offer, giving all new members unlimited use of the site for seven days.

Beyond the launch offer members may chose from a variety of subscription packages to gain access to the site's full functionality ranging from 1 month at £19.99 to 6 months at £59.99. The site will also take banner advertising, creating a further revenue opportunity which falls under the remit of the Condé Nast Digital UK advertising team.

Emanuela Pignataro, Country Manager of Condé Nast Digital UK, said: “Online dating is a significant revenue earner, and an area we have been investigating for some time... It’s very thrilling to be able to continue to invest in new products, particularly in this challenging marketplace, and is a sign of our confidence and commitment to the digital division.”

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