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AOP selects comScore for new ad effectiveness research project

ComScoreStudy Will Evaluate How Website Content Can Influence Trust and Affect Campaign ROI

AOP has selected comScore to conduct a study focussed on how trusted websites can deliver higher returns on advertising investment. The study is commissioned by the AOP on behalf of its members.

Lee Baker, Director of the AOP said: “The topic of advertising effectiveness is a key area for the AOP and its members and we have invested heavily to ensure advertisers understand the value of the digital channel. comScore’s experience in validating campaign performance was key to our decision regarding the selection of comScore as the research vendor and we’re looking forward to publishing the findings later this year.”  

The new research project builds on the AOP study “The New Rules of Engagement”, which determined the value of the environment of original content websites in cultivating trust among content consumers, thereby engendering greater trust in its advertising messages. The study findings were presented by AOP’s Head of Research and Insight, Tim Cain, throughout late 2010 and earlier this year, to media agencies, publishing companies and at a variety of industry events.

comScore was selected ahead of other research providers based on its experience analysing hundreds of advertising campaigns in Europe and thousands of campaigns globally using the comScore AdEffx™ suite of products. The final results of this study will be published by comScore and the AOP in late November 2011, and will be presented at an AOP event on 7 December. comScore is an Associate Member of AOP.

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