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How publishers can claim Google users


From a publisher with its own specialised search engine deployed across over 100 sites, the message is clear: “for Reed Business, the payback has already happened.”

Speaking at an AOP forum on 21st January, Graeme McCracken, COO of Reed Business Search said:

  • About half of Google’s revenue, and up to a third of Google search logsfall into theB2B sector.
  • Up to 83 per cent of the B2B market currently uses Google.
He concludes: “you’ve got to love Google as well, and learn what they do.”

Reed’s multi-vertical Zibb is growing by more than 40 per cent per month. Zibb on Demand (ZoD), in search boxes across Reed’s portfolio of B2B sites, is curbing reader search churn – both builton Fast technology.

Companies such as Convera, Fastand Endeca differ from Google in sharing search logs and algorithm data, collaborating with publishers to build customised, niche search offerings.

Searchtips for publishers

"The knowledge and input of editorial and marketing staff is absolutely crucial to build an effective vertical search product” said Iain Fletcher, VP of marketing at Convera: “skills that have been in your business for years can be effectively applied to this new technology".

An exhaustive analysis of your audience’s search habits is also necessary, he stressed: “search behaviours vary by niche.”

Offering advice to fellow publishers thinking of taking the vertical search plunge, stressed Graeme McCracken:

  • Becoming a viable authority - “Don’t bias towards your own content.”
  • Taxonomy and layout - “think about what is important to your users, and base segmentation on that – the web is not a medium in itself."

More specialised search engines

  • UBM’s SearchMedica (medical industry, Convera platform) tabbed search by profession / results divided by relevant category, inc. drug review/clinical reviews/research papers.
  • Incisive Media’s Quest Search (aggregating Incisive’s US Law sites, Endeca platform) has seen average visit duration grow by four minutes.
  • News International-backed Globrix aggregates UK property sales and rents, with a sliding scale to delimit max./min. costs.

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