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Interview: Chris Cramer, Global Multimedia Editor at Reuters

Chris Cramer, Global Multimedia Editor of Reuters, will deliver a keynote at the AOP Summit on 7 October.

With more than 40 years’ experience in international broadcasting, Cramer previously brought together the BBC's huge radio and television newsgathering services into a single and powerful operation.

At CNN, he helped the organisation respond to the transition to digital broadcasting, making CNN the leading news operator in the employment of video and cell phone newsgathering and broadcasting.

What’s your take on the state of the media industry as we edge towards 2010?

Any economic recovery will not save traditional media business models. The landscape has changed – ad supported media will continue to drive businesses and, in addition, premium online publishers will need to create a compelling value proposition which must include true multimedia.

How do you see the relationship between social networking sites and publishers going forward?

Publishers need to go where the audiences are and social networking communities and publisher communities will increasingly be intermingled.

And where does Google fit into the debate around the importance of editorial integrity and the future of journalism?

It doesn’t. Google is a search engine that directs traffic and makes money selling ads against user intention. Look upon it as a news-stand which supports media business models which, in turn, can support media with editorial integrity.

Have publishers and broadcasters gone far enough, do you think, in terms of integrating social media and interactivity?

Probably not. Broadcasters that spend time simply reading out tweets and email miss the point here.

Social media sites like Twitter and Flickr are remarkable newsgathering tools - newsgathering of first, not last resort. Crowdsourcing can make for very exciting news development - but has risks.

What would you say will be the most important trends in multimedia and publishers’ use of social media going forward?

We need to figure out how to monetise multimedia and social media.

Chris Cramer will deliver a keynote at thec AOP Summit on 7 October.