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CBS Interactive launches GameSpot Trax UK

CBS Interactive
CBS Interactive's GameSpot UK has announced the launch of GameSpot Trax UK, the UK version of its games intelligence tool which allows retailers, games publishers and industry marketeers to measure consumer interest and desire in video games.

GameSpot Trax was originally launched in the USA in 2003 and provides data and analysis at a global level. The new GameSpot Trax UK follows the behaviour of more than 4.5 million UK gamers, making UK-specific data on what’s hot and what’s not in video games available for the first time.

The tool monitors daily how UK gamers are responding to gaming products and brands, and benchmarks them against their competitors at each of the five major stages of the buying cycle, including awareness, consideration, trial, purchase, and post-purchase engagement or feedback.

Marketeers can easily set parameters for a daily feed, mapping their own and their competitors' activities -- such as ad campaigns and PR activities -- into user trend graphs that show the effectiveness of their efforts in building mindshare.

“Last year the UK video games market was worth over £3.8bn, and for the first time ever video games are out-selling DVD and Blu-Ray discs” said Julian Childs, UK Commercial Director, CBS Interactive. “The stakes are incredibly high for game publishers, and the need for a powerful tool providing comprehensive information and insights – specific to the UK market – has never been greater."

CBS gave a presentation on GameSpot Trax at AOP's forum on diversifying revenues in January. CBS Interactive is an AOP Board Member.

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