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Carter says digital media key to economy

Digital media is more important to the UK economy than ever, according to the newly appointed Minister for Communications, Technology and Broadcasting, Stephen Carter, especially in the light of the global financial crisis.

The Ex-Ofcom CEO Carter was behind Ofcom’s proposal of a Public Sector Publisher for online content, shelved in March. He has been recruited to his newly created role with the express aim of speeding up decision-making in a range of areas which may impact upon the digital publishing industry.

Carter will be seeking to draw conclusions on and push forward key areas including broadband development, digital radio, investment in content, internet legislation, media literacy and IT skills, public service broadcasting and independent production.

An interim version of his Digital Britain report, due in January, will also assess whether the government should guarantee universal broadband in the UK.

Carter said: "Our ambition is to see Digital Britain as the leading major economy for innovation, investment and quality in the digital and communications industries.

"We will seek to bring forward a unified framework to help maximise the UK's competitive advantage and the benefits to society."

Source: MediaGuardian

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