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Speaker interview: YouTube Sales Leader Bruce Daisley

Bruce Daisley

YouTube Sales Leader Bruce Daisley on driving the online video market

Bruce Daisley, Sales Leader for YouTube UK is speaking at AOP’s next event: Driving the Online Video Market, on 27 January - Book your place online now.

Is there a need to standardise the trading currency for online video and if so how can this best be achieved?

Certainly TV buyers are looking for an easy way to combine the results of their online and offline video campaigns to demonstrate incremental reach.

From the evidence I've seen online video can provide a strong incremental effect to TV campaigns - and an easy way to demonstrate this would be of benefit for the whole industry.

Is the potential of online video widely enough understood among clients and how can any knowledge gaps be addressed?

I tend to think that we are about 12-18 months behind the US in online video. The last 12 months saw some interesting trends in the American market - firstly online video was the main beneficiary of growth in the display market and secondly the biggest sector in online video is now FMCG.

FMCG has always been elusive in the display market - there's an opportunity for all video sellers to highlight the success of this sector across the pond.

How do publishers need to evolve to meet the needs of advertisers?

Stay responsive to the behaviours of your viewers. They react very quickly - identifying content they love and ignoring content that leaves them cold.

High production values are often less relevant than something that delivers what viewers are looking for.The phenomenon of 'unboxing' videos has been highly successful in the technology market for the last few years - but it remains a stronghold of independent producers - rather than the big publishers in the market. This is illustrative of the opportunities that publishers can look to take advantage of.

Daisley joins speakers from Future, ITV, Nielsen and PHD at Driving the Online Video Market on 27 January – find out more about the event’s speakers or book your place.

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