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Greater ad effectiveness on branded content sites, says OPA study

Across a wide range of advertising metrics, branded content sites outscored internet industry norms 41 out of 43 times according to research from the Online Publishers Association (OPA).

"Beyond-the-banner" forms of online advertising such as video, sponsorships and rich media also outpaced industry norms when placed on branded content sites.

The OPA report uses Dynamic Logic’s MarketNorms ®database, an industry standard for measuring online advertising’s effectiveness and branding impact. The study provides an extensive analysis of ad effectiveness scores for branded content sites, as represented by OPA members, compared with those for portals and ad networks.

“It’s an absolute fact with online advertising, environment matters,” said OPA president Pam Horan. “In nearly every category measured, ad effectiveness scores on branded content sites were numerically higher than on the Web in general, on portals or on ad networks. Whether it’s the trust they engender or the audiences they attract, branded content sites deliver better advertising results.”

Branded content sites are particularly effective at improving two of the most difficult metrics to impact: brand favorability and purchase intent, providing:

  • Twenty-nine per cent improvement over average brand favourability
  • A 20 per cent improvement for purchase intent
  • Branded content sites are 24 per cent more effective than overall MarketNorms at impacting purchase intent among those with household incomes of $75,000 or greater
  • Video advertising on branded sites provides an 82 per cent brand awareness boost over MarketNorms’ overall online video advertising averages and a 67 per cent boost for improving brand favorability
  • Sponsorships on branded content sites are 42 per cent more effective than the overall MarketNorms average and 36 per cent more effective than on portals

“Nearly all forms of online media have an important role to play throughout the purchase ‘funnel,’” Horan continued. “But branded content sites have a notably greater impact at the points where consumers are establishing brand preference and making purchase decisions.”

“Branded content sites are doing a particularly effective job of delivering results with developing advertising formats, including video advertising and rich media,”

“Just as we have seen with offline media, the value of context cannot be underestimated – a point that is clearly reaffirmed in this study. A sponsorship on a ‘name’ site delivers the power of that media brand to the advertiser associated with that content.”

Full report.

MarketNorms data benchmarks online ad campaigns from 3,900+ AdIndex surveys among more than 6 million people, evaluating over 163,000 creatives across more than a dozen industries and hundreds of sites.

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