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Mobile content can boost your brand

by Toby Hicks

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Mobile technology could present an opportunity for publishers to develop a ‘brand franchise’, and also drive traffic to other brand platforms, according to speakers at an AOP forum today (8 June).

Speaking at the forum - Maximising the potential of mobile - Dan Newman, digital general manager - consumer division of Dennis Interactive, said the development of mobile content was “incredibly important to Maxim” with the objective of increasing traffic to the magazine.

He described the different ways mobile could add value saying that content was closely tied to the magazine, with the girls from the magazine appearing and gaming, dating and downloads available. He said the aim was to create “a brand franchise supported across multiple channels.” Newman also described successful Maxim campaigns run across different platforms, including Maxim’s little black book campaign where readers can see pictures of single girls in the magazine and then text in to date them or receive wallpapers.

Also speaking at the forum was Anne-Sophie Lanier, content developer at O2, who described the development of O2’s content provider replacement for WAPP- Imode. She said that well-known brands had proved particularly successful since its inception last November.

So far 15 magazine and newspaper publishers have provided content on i-mode and were responsible for three-four per cent of all page impressions and six-seven per cent of all active subscriptions. According to Lanier: “It’s important to fit in with the traditional product in terms of the customer proposition, as you have the opportunity to serve content that corresponds to your brand.”

Lanier said publishers could use their knowledge of selling subscriptions in gaining customer loyalty on the service, which subscribers pay to access. She said that the lower the subscription fee the more likely the customer would sign up.

Also speaking was Jason Friedler, senior product marketing manager at Volantis Systems, which develops mobile solutions for content providers and Sheena Peirse, mobile editor for Channel 4 New Media. Friedler stressed the need for publishers to get involved in the platform, as the global market for mobile data was projected to reach $42bn by 2010. All speakers agreed that one of the major challenges going forward was in adapting content across the different operators and handsets. Friedler said the solution was in “intelligent content adaptation.”

Download Presentations (available to AOP members only)

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