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Book Publishers and Google reach landmark decision

A groundbreaking settlement has been reached which, if approved by the court, would settle the long running class-action lawsuit brought against Google by representatives of publishers and authors.

The Authors Guild, the Association of American Publishers and Google announced the settlement agreement on Monday (28 October) on behalf of a broad class of authors and publishers worldwide that would expand online access to millions of in-copyright books from the collections of institutions participating in Google Book Search.

The class action is subject to approval by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, but would bring to an end over two years of negotiations

The agreement promises to benefit readers and researchers, and enhance the ability of authors and publishers to distribute their content in digital form, by significantly expanding online access to works through Google Book Search, an ambitious effort to make millions of books searchable via the Web.

The agreement acknowledges the rights and interests of copyright owners, provides an efficient means for them to control how their intellectual property is accessed online and enables them to receive compensation for online access to their works.

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