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BBC's GM of On Demand Daniel Danker interviewed

Daniel Danker, General Manager of Programmes & On Demand, BBC
Video Produced by Ed Pettit

With the BBC Academy releasing Nic Newman's 'State of Product Management 2010' Report last week, we spoke to Daniel Danker, GM of Programmes & On Demand at the BBC about the role of product management, particularly as a bridge between technology and editorial teams in media organisations. He also explains using data in defining products and what lies in store for the iPlayer's future development.


In the interview, Danker reveals the BBC's latest thinking around iPlayer - with internal teams asking 'where could you take the content next?' And, with the development of YouView, how parallel interactive TV experiences and linear experiences on TV might stack up.

As he explains, "online is not just taking the same product you had and putting it on the web and on mobile - at that point, you aren't taking advantage of each one. Each medium is fundamentally changing consumption patterns."

On data's role in product development, he adds: "We're using data in defining products, in a way we'd never have imagined. The trick is in analysing that data..."

There are a vast number of tools you can use for this: "whether you're a big or small organisation - it would be a mistake to try to draw conclusions on your own, just on gut feel."

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