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Bauer Access,, Aol & Starcom to speak at next AOP event on 17 Feb

In a first for the publisher,
Bauer Media
Bauer Access, launching this month, promises to bring ‘clients and media agencies in direct contact with editorial to work on cross-media brand projects’.

Is this project just another sign advertising and editorial are set to blur even further this year? And how can publishers reap the benefits without compromising their relationship with their audience?

Bauer Access Creative Directors Brent Coulson and Joe Evea will be among the speakers at our next Forum on 17 February, at the Blue Fin in Southwark.

At this event we ask whether such cross-overs risk damage to editorial integrity, or whether as Matt Kelly argued last year, the internet is ‘the perfect forum’ for integrating editorial and commercial, “in a way that traditionally wasn’t either desirable or practical in print”,.

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'Maintaining editorial integrity and making partnerships pay' on 17 February will also feature Editor Chris Mooney, Tony Hallett, CBS Interactive UK's B2B Publishing Director, Oliver Newton, Head of Emerging Platforms, Starcom MediaVest and Noel Penzer, VP of Business Development at Aol Europe.

In September of last year, Aol made its own play in this space, launching Project Devil, with a range of FMCG advertisers: Project Devil’s aim is “to construct an ad unit that looks like content… [allowing] advertisers to program real content on the page.”

Project Devil by Aol

left - a messy example of the ad/content split & right - how Project Devil promises to streamline & improve this

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