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B2B publishers invited to join API development project

Release ConsultingWith government funding, developer Release Consulting (clients include Universal, Orange and John Wiley) is looking for partners to develop an API platform. It is seeking one or two B2B publishers to help validate its early stage product ideas. The project is part funded by a technology grant from the Technology Strategy Board. Many startups and large digital firms use APIs to strengthen business partnerships, grow their revenues or drive down their IT project costs. The number of public facing APIs is growing at an exponential rate. APIs should also make app development faster and more cost-effective, and Release is particularly interested in partnering with B2B publishers who sell data. More on APIs The majority of the world's information data remains locked behind firewalls or dormant in spreadsheets and files. This represents a missed opportunity for publishers. This project will look at this missed opportunity by asking how publishers can exploit API technology for financial gain. What issues do business owners feel prevent them from exposing their data to the world or their business partners - is it the complexity and cost of the enabling technology, an unclear ROI, or the fear of lost-control or mis-use? Analysing the size of the opportunity and a clear picture of the barriers to entry, Release Consulting will design solutions which directly address those issues and help unlock potential revenue. Grant information and project timeline Release Consulting Ltd was awarded a Technology Strategy Board Grant to support its research and development in the field of APIs, with a specific remit to develop a ‘proof of concept’ software product in this field which would help increase the economic growth and quality of life of the nation states of the UK and the wider European Economic Area. The grant-supported project starts in January 2012 and runs for 12 months:
  • Q1 – Recruit partners, look at database technologies to determine best solutions
  • Q2-3 – Construct the “proof of concept” product build
  • Q4 – Validate the product with partner companies
Contact Release Consulting CEO Will Lovegrove if you are interested in taking part in the project.

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