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"Viewing data from one single touchpoint is not enough"

Donald Hamilton
A week today, on Tuesday 23 February, Donald Hamilton, Managing Partner at Precedio Consulting and former UK MD of Wunderloop is speaking at AOP’s next seminar - the New Rules of Revenue: Online Advertising 2010. Ahead of the event, we asked Donald for his views on audience data and online advertising...

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In your view, how do you think audience data could/should be used for display advertising purposes?

Data will become the defining factor for online targeting, while understanding consumers from both an online and offline perspective is imperative if the market wishes to continuously develop and grow meaningfully.

What role do you think audience data will play in revenue generation in the future?

The market of the future will be about audience segmentation - the value pyramid will change.

Audience targeting will increase in value and will play a major role in the increase in revenues that will be seen over the next five years.

Audience insight will be placed at the centre of the communication strategy within companies.

How do you see the struggle for data ownership between Digital Agencies, Media Owners and Search Engines shaping up?

I think that there is a more fundamental question that we have to ask:

Whose data is it anyway?

Viewing data from one single touchpoint is not enough. At the end the companies that can view data from many touchpoints will have better audience targeting insight.

The digital view is only one part of the puzzle, the other bits exist within the interactions between consumers and their trading partners.

What are the main legal implications/restraints that publishers should be aware of when gathering and storing data?

We must all understand:

The consumer has choice: keep them informed, make sure they understand and gain consumer trust.

Most consumers are willing to share information with organisations that they trust, so long as there is value to them. Tesco currently track 11 million store card users: they have successfully marketed their targeting insight tool as a value exchange/partnership between the consumer and themselves.

The art of targeting is not based at an individual level, but rather at a segment level. Targeting will be driven by building robust, marketable customer segments and using those segments to drive ROI.

Offering reward, capture and using data at a segmented level, in consultation with the consumer, while maintaining customers’ privacy at all times and rewarding them for their behaviour - I think that if the industry did all of that, it would not have any data issues.

The New Rules of Revenue: Online Advertising 2010 takes place on Tuesday 23 February at IPC Media, from 14.00pm. Early booker tickets cost £95+vat for AOP members, £195+vat for non-members – book online today.

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