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“Base your decisions on purchases, not attitudes”

Members can Download presentations from AOP's Research Forum.

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While highlighting the impact web TV service YouView will have, speakers at AOP’s Research Forum yesterday also emphasised the importance of engaging and rewarding ‘super users’ on every medium, at every possible moment.

An eightfold growth in digital video/TV viewing over the past 5 years was perhaps the most startling fact presented by Kantar ‘s Richard Asquith and Trevor Vagg, kicking off the session with their latest futurePROOF research.

ITV's cross-media strategy aims to maximise the impact of this growth, for an ever larger share of consumers’ finite time.

Head of Online and VOD Research Suzanne Lugthart outlined ITV's X Factor research project, which took in a multitude of different touch points, from conversations with fans queueing to attend a programme recording, to Jedward’s Twitter fans. Overall, the research noted:

  • X Factor is reaching 9m people via digital platforms
  • The average person had 10 ‘interactions’ with the show per week (super users 23)
  • With a greater understanding of users' cross-media viewing, a new web-based spin-off was born: F Factor, and the research even brought changes to site design, making it “less supply-side”

Rewarding ‘super-users’, those most engaged across a range of platforms and at various times, is seen as a critical area for future research – and makes up a large part of dunnhumby’s work for the Tesco Club Card. Head of Media John Butler explained how the scheme gives back £3bn/year to customers, “but brings back benefits way beyond that.”

Controversially, he added: “Attitudes and attitudinal data are useless… [we should be basing] decisions on purchase, not attitudes.”

While currently working with publishers to understand the correlation between content consumption and Tesco spend, he explained why the conventional approach to attracting and retaining customers will only ever yield conventional results - members can access his presentation to find out more.

“The sofa is the most important media device”

Scott Thompson, Head of Digital Research at Starcom MediaVest added some useful thoughts from the agency side:

  • We are moving from cross-media to transmedia campaigns – from transplanting the same campaign to every medium, towards making the campaign ‘live’ in a way that is unique to every platform
  • Internet TV is a completely different concept to every medium we’ve seen so far – we need to start thinking about this already (hint: it won’t just be your webpage transferred to the TV)

Insight into action

  • "Unless you can put your research into a media plan, it’s just trivia"
  • Tell agencies what your data means – the strengths of your brands, but also your audiences
  • Wherever possible, provide tools – info they can slice and dice themselves
  • Look for gaps in knowledge in the market – eg – the current buzz around tablets: how can we measure consumption on these devices, when most are working on wifi not 3G, so GSMA is unable to cover them?
  • Smarter clients are interested in value, not just costs, and without value (good ideas/collaboration) we will end up with "a completely commoditised business", where we can all effectively be supplanted by machines

Members can Download presentations from the event.

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