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AOP Programmatic Trading Forum Sold Out

This week’s AOP Programmatic Trading Forum is now sold out – apologies to those who will be missing out on this occasion. Those already registered for the Forum can learn more about the Event Agenda here. For those unable to attend, we will be posting a round-up of the key discussion topics in the News Section of the AOP website later in the week. You can also follow the event live on Twitter by following @ukaop and hashtag #aopforum, between 14:00 – 17:30 on Wednesday afternoon. The most recent AOP Census revealed that two thirds of members will embrace some form of programmatic trading in the year ahead, but some publishers remain cautious about the long-term impact, fearing inventory devaluation, loss of privacy and control, and audience fragmentation. This AOP forum will explore three emerging approaches to programmatic trading (including alliances, private marketplaces and programmatic premium) to discover which, or which mix of, models could provide real results for UK publishers. The Programmatic Trading Emerging Models Forum will take place this Wednesday 13th February at the Blue Fin Building in Southwark Street. For further information on upcoming AOP Events including our dedicated AOP B2B Conference in March, simply visit the Events Section of our website or give us a call directly on 020 7404 4166