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AOP Organisation Census launched

Earlier this week, AOP began its first major research initiative of the year by launching the 2009 Organisation Census to member organisations.

In a break from tradition, the annual AOP Member Census is being replaced by two separate annual surveys in 2009, beginning with the Organisation Census.

This move is intended to enable greater focus on different aspects of the digital publishing landscape. The first Census of the year will concentrate on business areas and functions, staff and skills, revenues, investments and forecasts.

AOP Head of Research and Insight Tim Cain comments: “As the Census provides a benchmark for members businesses, it will be very interesting to see what impact the challenging climate has had on the current digital publishing landscape and how expectations are shaping up for 2009.”

If you have received the Census questionnaire and not completed it yet, please do so before February 19th! The plan is to make results available to members in March, and more details will be announced on the website and through the AOP newsletter in due course.

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