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AOP & IAB issue updated guidelines for ad effectiveness surveys

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As more and more advertisers are turning to online surveys to assess the effectiveness of their digital campaigns, both AOP and IAB members highlighted a need to introduce greater governance over the research process with the first release of the guidelines in April 2010.

They have now been updated in response to media owner and research agency feedback.

Download the updated guidelines.Download Type: pdf
Download Size: 321k

Their aim is to ensure both media owners and advertisers get the most out of their advertising research, while minimising the impact on user experience of the growing number of online surveys used in this area.

The new guidelines clarify which types of survey they were created to support, and media owners, advertising agencies and research agencies are encouraged to use them to enable delivering ad effectiveness surveys in the most appropriate way.

The guidelines cover areas including:

  • When to use online advertising effectiveness surveys (for example - when the campaign objectives cannot be measured by standard web metrics)
  • Limiting the number of times users are exposed to the same survey
  • The notice period required by media owners to conduct such surveys

Download the updated guidelines.Download Type: pdf
Download Size: 321k

Read more about the guidelines from the original release.

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