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2009 AOP content & trends census

The results of the AOP Census survey released today shows that nearly 70% of respondents will continue to, or plan to, charge for content – with only 30% of respondents saying they have no plans to charge for content.

The balance of view has shifted from two years ago, when the same question in 2007 showed 54% of respondents said they had “no plans to charge for content”.

Download the full 2009 content & trend census resultsmembers only (members only).

Read the full summary of the report.

This year’s Content and Trends Census, AOP members focuses specifically around paid and free content, user-generated content (UGC), social media, content delivery mechanisms, mobile sites and apps.

The biggest opportunities identified by AOP Members in 2009 are:

  • Mobile Web (85%)
  • UGC (75%)
  • High speed broadband (75%)
  • Community/social networking (73%)

Read the full summary of the report.

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