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AOP Census 2008 report

The report is available for members* to download here - AOP Census Report 2008Download Type: pdf
Download Size: 206k

In its annual Census of members for 2008, AOP reports that digital publishers experienced a 52 per cent increase in total revenues in 2007 over the same period last year. Additionally respondents predict total business growth for 2008 will be 8 per cent, with digital expected to grow 31 per cent.

The following proportion of respondents identified key areas of opportunity in:

  • streaming content - 70%
  • mobile - 74%
  • user generated content - 78%
  • behavioural targeting - 84%
  • high speed broadband - 92%

Key threats were listed by the following proportion of members responding:

  • Government/legal restrictions - 38%
  • Google/DoubleClick deal - 38%
  • Economy - 54%
  • Competitors – 64%

Members may download the full report hereDownload Type: pdf
Download Size: 206k

*The AOP Census report is a member-only resource and is not intended for wider circulation. Should you wish to share any of the report's content, please contact Tim Cain before doing so.

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