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Thirty-seven per cent growth on the cards for AOP members

The AOP Census, a benchmarking survey of AOP member companies, revealed its members are expecting their interactive business to grow by a substantial 37 per cent during this coming year.

The industry as a whole is now feeling more confident and less restrained than it was a year ago. Major factors contributing to this positive outlook include the roll out of broadband, mobile technologies and online communities.

This optimism is well placed with 44 per cent of AOP members generating more than £1m annually from advertising alone. For the first time in the series of AOP census surveys, members were asked to provide a breakdown of advertising revenue according to ad format. Banners and buttons are an important format in terms of revenue generation, providing 45 per cent of total revenue on average, closely followed by 'Skyscrapers' (17 per cent) and 'Rich media overlays' (9 per cent). The popularity of banners and buttons extends across sectors as it generates the most display advertising revenue for both business to business (B2B) and consumer publishers.

Total average advertising revenue

Ad format


Rich media overlays



Source: AOP Census 2006

The 2006 survey was also the first in the series to ask about charging models for online advertising used by members. The most commonly applied system is 'Tenancy' which is used by 73 per cent of organisations to charge for ads, followed closely by CPM at 66 per cent. Other methods of charging mentioned by respondents included paid directory positioning and pages; paid news releases' and ad charges as part of a "package" price for a broader, multimedia solution.

AOP members can view the AOP Census Report 2006 in full.

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