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Top Tweets from the AOP B2B Conference

Tweeters were out in force at the AOP B2B conference yesterday. Using the hashtag #aopb2b they tweeted nearly 350 times during the course of the day. From a conference packed with insight and value we’ve picked out some of the best of the Tweets for you below. See the full list on our Twitter feed. Keynote panel, the transformation of B2B marketing
Chuck Richards Outsell -Be the master of the mix and be very customer focused
Christian Frei Microsoft -A key B2B disruptor is that Digital natives are now starting to reach CEO level.
Not long before today's digital natives become CxOs and switch off business email.
Stefan Heeke Siemens -Inbound marketing is the key to growth
In a data driven world, content and purpose matter
80% of customers say they found the vendor. Marketing needs to map their time and spend to being found
Siemens have hired two journalists from german newspapers in order to become a content creator
Siemens wants to be its own publishing company says - scary stuff for traditional publishers.
We have been amazed by how good crowd sourced content is
Julien Roux Caterpillar - Biggest opportunity of e channels is to put metrics on everything we do Julian Roux Caterpillar
Conor Ogle HSBC - Publishers that can match their media with my thought leadership grab my attention says HSBC Bruce Daisley sales director Twitter UK
Twitter is Darwinian. The best content rises to the top
Twitter is the shortest distance between you and what interests you most
8% of journalists surveyed thought Twitter wasn't important in gathering news. Really?
Twitter is second biggest news distributor in UK, just behind the BBC
1% of twitter users create half the content
40% of twitter users never tweet, twitter acts as a personalised news stream, make each story an atom for distribution
Twitter is the No1 channel for B2b marketing in the UK Richard Robinson director B2B markets Google
The b2b buying cycle is complex & has up to 12 decision makers
Prospects are 70% of the way towards buying decision by the time they get in touch - ie Content Marketing is vital
Video great for capturing attention but white papers and reports still valuable for in-depth info
Google hangouts are being used to share the expertise in organisations with customers Content marketing breakout
Stan Woods Velocity -Content marketing is turning your insight & advice into campaigns that change people's minds & incite action
If your content's good, your audience gives you permission to put your brand in front of them Lead generation breakout
Erik Matlick Madison Logic -Average time from enquiry to contact is 14 days which is too long!
The opportunity in lead gen for media owners is multi-touch, multi-channel engagement Mobile and tablet strategy breakout
John Barnes Incisive -Stop thinking mobile first, web first, digital first, start thinking reader first!
App or mobile site? Actually about de-cluttering page and make it easy to read and the speed of download
Anthony Marris OgilvyOne -People are looking at your site on smartphones if it's mobile-optimised or not. If it's not they won't be there long. Social media breakout
James Weatherill, Mindshare -The most important place to start in any social media campaign is with a robust listening exercise.
Joel Davis, Agency:2 -All social media is hard work and isn't free. There's time involved Final panel, future of B2B media and marketing
Marco Bertozzi, Vivaki -The combination of programmatic buying and premium content is the sweetspot for B2B
Boiling frogs as an analogy for publishers: The water is getting hotter and you will be boiled if you don't act.
Stuart Giddings, Carat Enterprise - The measure of good content is simply engagement! Nicely put by Stuart Giddings
Push to pull marketing change in B2B is based fundamentally on good quality
Tim Potter Centaur -We are a route to market for content marketing solutions