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AOP B2B research revisits agencies

Following the enthusiastic industry response to the AOP research, The role of B2B websitesmembers only, the association is to explore the impact the initial study had on the participating agencies, in a project that will also help to define the direction of subsequent AOP B2B research.

This next step will see AOP re-engaging with the agencies who took part in the in-depth interviews of the original study. The agencies were asked to highlight the perceived barriers to B2B websites when considered as a tool for advertising. It was these opinions that went on to shape the approach taken when establishing how business decision makers use B2B websites.

Liz Somerville, AOP project coordinator, comments: "The original study proved the effectiveness of B2B websites as an advertising medium and demonstrated that B2B online media can look forward to significant growth."

She added: "In allowing the agencies’ feedback to influence the shape of the next phase of B2B research, we can ensure it will address the specific needs of its target audience."

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