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AOP Awards 2014 - Now Open for Entries

The most prestigious awards in digital publishing are back. The AOP Digital Publishing Awards are now open for entry. Winning an AOP Award means different things to different people. It can put a small project in the spotlight, or it can celebrate the work of an entire company. It can recognise one outstanding individual, or it can reward a team that’s more than the sum of its parts. It can win you the acclaim of your peers and it can inspire an entire industry. Nutley_1This year’s Awards feature two new categories: Digital Commercial Individual, to recognise the most talented and successful person on the commercial side of the industry; and Digital Marketing Campaign, to highlight the great work being done by publishers and their agencies to promote their products.But whatever it does, winning an AOP Award also stands as proof that the winner is an exceptional example of digital publishing, combining inspiration and diligence to deliver outstanding results.  A couple of categories have been tweaked since last year; to acknowledge the increasingly central part that mobile now plays in every business, the Mobile And Tablet Innovation category has been changed to Best Use of Mobile. And to emphasis the importance of making different channels work together, last year’s Cross-Media Project category has become Integrated Media Project. And once again the judges will be looking for the best editorial, commercial and ad ops teams; the best commercial and media technology partnerships; the best research and insight project; the best launch; the best editorial individual; the best use of social media; the best B2B and B2C websites; and of course, the flagship awards, the best B2B and B2C digital publishers. Winning an AOP award can change businesses and careers, but the journey to the stage on awards night begins with a simple click. For full details of the categories and how to enter the Awards, click here.