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AOP gains independence

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AOP and PPA have announced today that AOP – previously a subsidiary of PPA - has formally become an independent membership organisation, as of 1st January 2010.

The move follows AOP’s need to develop initiatives specifically tailored to its members, which includes TV and radio broadcasters, newspapers and pure-play digital organisations.

Lee Baker, Director of AOP comments, “The scale of demand on the AOP has increased as digital has grown to be a significant factor for businesses and consumers alike. We recognise our responsibility to continually review the needs and requirements of our members, and the changing nature of our relationship with the PPA."

"We will continue to add value as a trade body championing the interests of publishers that create original, branded and quality online content. This announcement purely formalises and acknowledges the way the two industries are evolving.”

Eric Verdon-Roe, Consultant to the PPA adds: "I hope that this relationship will be the model for closer co-operative ventures between PPA and other organisations that share similar interests with us. I wish AOP great success and look forward to working closely with them".

While AOP and PPA will continue to operate from the same offices and collaborate on issues of mutual concern such as regulation of online content, advertising and data privacy, independence provides AOP with the freedom to pursue interests and issues that are of particular concern to its members.

Read the full press release.

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