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AOP Organisation Census 2011 released

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AOP has released its annual Organisation Census for 2011. This year’s report finds diversification prevalent, as nearly three-quarters of publishers surveyed expect to expand the number of products within their digital portfolio in the next 12 months, due to the adoption of new technology and platforms.

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Leading the challenges to development is that of successfully managing CMS and API changes, which was highlighted by one in two publishers and is necessary to improve workflows and deliver efficiency in the drive to deliver platform agnostic content.

The Organisation Census captures mood and intention of the UK publishing industry across a number of areas including investment, structure and future challenges for the forthcoming 12 months. A total of 35 organisations, representing some 1500 respected publisher brands and publications, from AOP Board, Associate and Affiliate membership completed the survey this year. Additionally qualitative interviews were conducted with AOP Board and Affiliate members. Fieldwork was conducted in February 2011, by Tim Cain, Head of Research and Insight at AOP. AOP members represent the broad range of newspaper and magazine publishing, TV and radio broadcasting and pure online media in the UK: producers of original, branded, premium and quality content.

Tim Cain, Head of Research and Insight at AOP adds: “The Organisation Census is a unique barometer of UK publishing, our members are diverse covering the whole range of publishing offerings in the B2B, B2C, C2C arena. There’s no doubt that we are in a period of experimentation and expansion as publishers are developing new digital channels in their quest for revenue diversification, and accelerating the speed of development is a priority that will see investment in new internal teams as well as more external partnerships. However, for most publishers the ad model will continue to be their priority focus for revenue growth and while advertising may be volatile, when markets improve there’s belief that it will continue to deliver good growth opportunities."


Publishers are expanding their portfolios of product offerings by increasing their external partnerships or outsourcing around the area of mobile and apps for smartphones and tablets. The key areas for growth in technology investment, according to respondents, are led by mobile and apps (91%), data (63%) and social media (63%). Video is an important medium for publishers, as content or advertising, as 56% of respondents say that video investment will grow in 2011.


Advertising is the largest revenue generator for publishers; with display advertising the top priority area of growth. Half of the publishers surveyed say display is their number one priority, and 83% rank it as a top 5 priority.

AOP Census 2011 - Dennis & Condé Nast on apps, diversification & staffing

Top 5 priorities for growth

1. Display 83%
2. Sponsorship 71%
3. Mobile 68%
4. Data 54%
5. eCommerce & Affiliate 51%

Overall, 63% of publishers are quite or very likely to introduce more paid for elements into their portfolio in 2011 by moving into new content areas and platforms as opposed to locking down existing content.


Staffing levels are bouncing back to pre-recession levels as 73% of publishers surveyed said they expect to increase staff numbers in 2011, (80% in 2007; 55% in 2008; 34% in 2009, 53% in 2010).

The top areas of staff growth are advertising sales (47%); apps development (41%); database and data analysis (38%); SEO (34%); mobile development (31%) – a clear emphasis on revenue-generating roles. There is still a strong bias towards investing in training: with 49% of publishers expecting to grow investment in training, and 49% of publishers maintaining investment at the same level as last year.

Members can download the report here.Download Type: ppt
Download Size: 1016k

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